субота, 23. фебруар 2013.

23.02.2013 City River and Tenkara

Today I went to the river,. which is near my house. I managed to catch some nice trout, and I spent a very nice day by the river.

I caught a trout with a fly,, red tag, # 12 . The weather was rainy, and the occasional trout feeding on the surface.

While I was walking by the river, I noticed that in addition to a wall in the shallow water near the surface appears trout. I threw a fly near her, and managed to catch it. It was a fighting trout.

Im  returned  her ​​back to the river, and continued to fish. I managed to catch a few nice trout, and I'm very pleased with today's fishing.

Today I managed to catch a few trout on the Sakasa Kebari flies. 
All of the fish I caught, I went back into the river...

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