четвртак, 31. јануар 2013.

My new Tenkara line

Tenkara line is very simple and easy to make ...
I made a few, and I was not happy with them. Some of these lines were very hard, some twisted ... I finally found a monofilament that has no memory of him and made ​​a line length of 12ft.

I bought monofilament 0.40 mm, which has a very nice green color. On the line of the monofilament and attached but I furled leader lengths of 8 ft.

Thus made, the system is very easy, no memory, and presents fly a very fine on the top of the wather...
Finally, I am satisfied with the Tenkara rig, and when it is connected tippet length 5ft and 0.10 mm thick, obtained a great system more to 20 feet. I like fishing vith long leader, because so can present a fly at 10 - 12 m ...

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  1. Pozdrav Miki
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